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Dr Wojciech Rostafiñski (1921-2002)

Thursday, August 1st, 2002

We should remind ourselves that Dr. Wojciech Rostafiñski comes from a distinguished line of university professors and highly regarded intellectuals in Poland. Books have been written about them. We mention this, because Dr. Wojciech picked up the torch. He got his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Louvain in Belgium. Employed by NASA Glenn Research Center since 1961 – retired in 1994 – he was the recipient of five diplomas of merit for his contributions to the theory and technology of rocket and aircraft propulsion. In this connection, we should mention that for several years, he had been a NASA spokesman for the “Voice of America” throwing light on the latest achievements of science on the current research of the cosmos and on the progress in aeronautics.