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Polish Mathematics in World Science

Monday, February 5th, 2007

In the last issue of the Forum, we published the first part of this history of mathematics in Poland. The article below continues the topic with a description of the influence of Polish mathematics on world science.

In any discussion of mathematics in Poland, one has to mention Professor J. Łukasiewicz, who created multi-valued logic. For example, if someone says that when visiting Warsaw, she always goes to the theater, and out of ten visits to Warsaw, she went to the theater seven times, we would say that the „degree of participation” is 0.7. There have long been computers built for „fuzzy” logic” and not only binary logic (there is current „1”  – there is no current „0”); they run, for example, the metros in many cities in Japan. (more…)

Mado Kucharski – master of ikons

Monday, February 5th, 2007

On a recent wintry Sunday afternoon, Cleveland’s Polish American Cultural Center members and guests had the opportunity to meet and talk with a unique artist visiting Cleveland from Krakow Poland.

Icons and stained glass have been the passion of Mado Kucharska from the time she was a student at the College of Advanced Educational Studies in Krakow.  She began exhibiting the icons she painted in the early 1990’s.  Since then, she has been showing her work all over Europe in prestigious exhibitions and galleries. (more…)