Lynne Olson and Stanley Cloud have written a remarkable work concerning Polish pilots in Britain’s Royal Air Force during World War II. A Question of Honor: The Kosciuszko Squadron, Forgotten Heroes of World War II focuses on an important aspect of the relationship between Poland and the Allies all too often neglected. Olson and Cloud focus on the story of five Polish pilots flying for the RAF and Polish squadron 303 and their instrumental role in winning the Battle of Britain in 1940. They also tell the story of how the pilots, and Poland, were betrayed by their British allies after the war. The Polish pilots were not allowed to participate in the 1946 Victory Parade in London because British officials were afraid their presence would offend Stalin. Olson and Cloud use the story of this small group of men to tell the larger tale of how Britain and the United States betrayed their Polish ally in the negotiations for a post-World War II order. Along with the compelling individual stories of the pilots, A Question of Honor provides a solid history of Poland during the war. Olson and Cloud are known for their work as news correspondents during World War II, The Murrow Boys. A Question of Honor is fascinating reading for anyone interested in Poland and the war.

Sean Martin

Forum, 11/2003