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Polish Mathematics in World Science

Monday, February 5th, 2007

In the last issue of the Forum, we published the first part of this history of mathematics in Poland. The article below continues the topic with a description of the influence of Polish mathematics on world science.

In any discussion of mathematics in Poland, one has to mention Professor J. Łukasiewicz, who created multi-valued logic. For example, if someone says that when visiting Warsaw, she always goes to the theater, and out of ten visits to Warsaw, she went to the theater seven times, we would say that the „degree of participation” is 0.7. There have long been computers built for „fuzzy” logic” and not only binary logic (there is current „1”  – there is no current „0”); they run, for example, the metros in many cities in Japan. (more…)

“Who Am I?” – „…Ja jestem Polakiem”

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

“Polska jest, prosze pani. Ja jestem Polakem!” Powerful words of a powerful climax of a powerful play. Chances are they don’t mean much to you, but they meant a tremendous amount to the audience who heard me recite them on stage; and to me, whose self-esteem had been faltering because of the disease that plagued my eyes.

“Mooooom, please don’t make me go. I know Polish just fine, I can speak it perfectly, see?” It was my eighth grade year, and I had convinced myself that the saints, demons, and Greek gods of boredom had embodied themselves in the abomination of Polish School. Every Saturday morning, my mom heard the same suppliant request: “Let me stay home from Polish School today.” Every Saturday morning, I experienced the same simple response: “No.” Every Saturday morning, I had to sacrifice the new episodes of Pokemon that I held so dear to my heart. Polish School had always been a part of my life, and only recently had I decided that I was “too cool” for it.

Study in Poland!

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

Are you an American or a resident of another country who wishes to study in Poland? Though you may not be a Polish citizen, and you may not have a command of Polish, you have many opportunities to pursue advanced study in Poland. As the world becomes a smaller place, trends in international education mean that Polish institutions are quickly developing academic programs in which the language of instruction is English, in an effort to attract students from countries of the European Union and elsewhere. Polish universities and colleges, both public and private, already offer a range of degrees in such diverse fields as business, medicine, international relations, history, and agricultural sciences. These programs are located in some of Poland’s largest cities, such as Warsaw, Łódź, and Kraków, but also in smaller cities like Zielona Góra and Nowy Sącz. Whether family considerations or academic concerns determine your location, plenty of opportunities exist throughout Poland for foreigners who want to continue their education in Poland in English. (more…)

Success – her own way

Sunday, May 1st, 2005

We live in such civilized times that driving a car, paying with a credit card, or receiving a computerized exam in a modern hospital are normal. We do not consider how we would function if these “luxuries” were suddenly unavailable. Our busy lifestyles, that we are so use to, do not allow us to undertake such reflections. We never face dangers or struggles that are above our means. We live utilizing all available resources in life, and complain when they are in shortage. But somewhere far away, in what seems like a different dimension, like in a book about a wild tribe, are people who also need to survive. There people live an existence that differs greatly from ours. People, who like us, need food, clothing, and medicine. On occasion, someone discovers this different world that we only know from publications and television. The two worlds collide, first with shock, then with acceptance after seeing how much they are in need. (more…)

Polish Engineer Revolutionizes the Jet Engine

Tuesday, February 1st, 2005

One day towards the end of last year, I read in the Plain Dealer that Professor Wiesław Binienda, Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Akron, was recognized by NASA for his achievements in the area of composite materials and their application to jet engines.  At first, I did not recognize the name, but after a while… – yes, of course, this is about the husband of Maria Szonert, who wrote the book on World War II and writes in the American and Polonia press, our friend from the editorial board. The same day in the evening, our editor in chief called:

“Did you hear about Professor Binienda?”

“Of course, I did. He received an award from NASA.  And not only just a paper. The award was rather measurable…”

“Then you have a job to do. He will be our next representative of Polonia featured in the Forum.”