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Polish Children’s Program

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Children's Day at the CLE Lib

We’re Living Longer!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

We’re living longer thanks to medical science as it has been developing over the millennium. In ancient times, mankind was helpless in the face of illness and injury, especially in the case of epidemics. The Plague or Black Death of 14th Century Europe wiped out one third of the population,  while Spanish influenza in 1918 claimed approximately 50 million lives, more than lost in World War I.

It was not until the twentieth Century that we have seen major progress in the way man battles disease.   Two major discoveries helped usher in these changes – penicillin and corticosteroids.  Alexander Fleming observed that a plate with nutrients covered with bacteria set aside and forgotten for several weeks had developed a mold growth that destroyed the bacteria.  This phenomenon worthy of further investigation, lead to the discovery of antibiotics isolated from molds in1940.


Surgically Slim by Tomasz Rogula

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

In ancient ages, obese individual was considered sick. Hippocrates used to say that a fat man should eat modestly and walk long distances. In the Middle Ages, obesity was a sing of prosperity and wealthy life….but was very uncommon. Currently, obesity is again seen as a disease. Diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, acid reflux, back and joint pain, cancer and many other disorders are more often recognized in obese people.

Obesity became epidemic in the United States in recent years. Every forth adult and every sixths child suffers from being fat. Five percent of Americans is morbidly obese, which means their life is at risk. Forty five percent of adult Americans were obese in 1980, while presently this number increased to sixty five percent. 120 billion US dollars is spent yearly to treat obesity-related diseases.


Discovering our Polish ancestors

Monday, November 1st, 2004

Many in the Polish-American community of northeastern Ohio have started to learn more about Poland by first learning more about their own families. They have joined the Polish Genealogical Society of Greater Cleveland (PGSGC). Polish-Americans in the Cleveland area first came together to discuss genealogical research and Polish culture in the fall of 1991 at the initiative of Ed Mendyka. Mendyka started the group from a heritage room set up at the St. John Cantius Roman Catholic Church Polish Festival. The group now has over a hundred members throughout the area and the United States and is part of the Federation of East European Family History Societies (, an organization formed in 1992 to promote research and organize the work of the many genealogical societies that had been established throughout the country. Interest in genealogy in the United States has grown over recent decades, as people increasingly look to discover more about their families in order to understand their background.