Dear fellow Polonian,

It is once again time to renew your membership in the Polish American Cultural Center honoring John Paul II. For those who are not members of the Center, we hope you will join us in our mission to preserve and promote Polish traditions and culture in the Cleveland area.

We had a successful year in 2009 and we continue to be optimistic about our future. We had a number of events such as celebrations of Polish Constitution and Independence Days. Our biggest event of the year was the reception held to honor our living veterans of the Polish Armed Forces in World War II.. We hosted several receptions and a number of dinners including one for Kościuszko Foundation, Ohio Section. Our celebration of Wigilia and the showing of Jasełka by the children of the Polish school were a big hit with the public. We sponsored the appearance of Eleni and Ich Troje, the artistic groups from Poland. We also held First Polish Youth Talent Show. We continue to have Sunday lunches which have become very popular among Polanians as a Sunday get together.

Our plans for 2010 are as always ambitious growth with fiscal restraint. We will continue to sponsor social, cultural and artistic events and provide a home for Opera Circle, Polonia youth activities, Syrena dancers, and Polish language classes. And we will continue to publish Forum, the Center’s newsletter. We intend to acquire additional properties adjacent to the Center for a court yard to be built in the back of the Center and the museum and we plan to expand our parking lot. We have already secured Federal Funds to help us with these projects.

Financially we continue to be sound. Last year, thanks to the generous donations from several individuals, we were able to reduce our debt to $35,000 and eliminate almost the entire accrued interest. We have also established an Endowment Fund administered be the Cleveland Foundation. Now people will be able to donate funds to the Foundation in our name that will be used exclusively for the upkeep of the museum.

The membership dues cover about half of the Center’s operating expenses. The other half comes from donations and funds earned by holding social events. We are very fortunate to have a core of dedicated people who work tirelessly and without remuneration to make these events profitable. We owe them our gratitude for their help.

We appreciate the fact that not all members can devote the time and energy as our volunteers do, however you can show your appreciation and support by renewing your membership, becoming a member or making a donation for our special projects.

Thank you

Forum, 2/2010