ESSENTIAL KILLING – Jerzy Skolimowski: Polish Films in Cinematheque – CIA

Vincent Gallo stars in Jerzy Skolimowski’s latest film, an existential action movie which nabbed the Best Actor prize at last year’s Venice Film Festival. (The movie itself got the Grand Special Jury Prize.) Gallo plays a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan who is captured and interrogated after killing three Americans. He is flown to a detention center in East Europe, but manages to escape into the cold, snowy wilderness that surrounds the base. This beautifully-shot, largely wordless thriller is an elemental drama that poetically ponders the human condition. With Emmanuelle Seigner (Roman Polanski’s wife). Imported 35mm color print! Cleveland premiere. On Thursday the film will be introduced by Joanna Trzeciak, Assistant Professor in the department of Modern and Classical Language Studies at Kent State University, and followed by a reception organized by the Polish American Cultural Center. Subtitles. 83 min.

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