Central European Film Days

The Department of World Languages, Literature, and Cultures
and Polish Studies at Cleveland State University

“Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki
“Magyar, lengyel, két jó barát”

“The Pole and Magyar like brothers stand”

Central European Film Days

featuring Hungarian and Polish films
(with subtitles in English)


November 6, 2015 – Friday
Fenn Tower, Room 10
CSU Main Campus
1983 East 24th Street

4:00 p.m. – Gods (Bogowie, 2014)

In the 1980s cardiac surgeon Zbigniew Religa works on the first heart transplant in Poland while fighting the system and his own demons.

6:30 p.m. – Control (Kontroll, 2003)

An award-winning film about a metaphoric and often funny journey in the Budapest subway system.

Between the films: Refreshments

November 7, 2015 – Saturday
Fenn Tower, Room 102
CSU Main Campus
1983 East 24th Street

10:30 a.m. – Children of Glory (Szabadság, szerelem, 2006)
An award-winning, touching film commemorating the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 against the Soviet-led Communist rule.

Following the film: Discussion with Cleveland Hungarians, testimonies of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and refreshments

2:00 p.m. – Wałęsa. Man of hope (Wałęsa. Człowiek z nadziei, 2013)

Andrzej Wajda’s film portrait of Lech Wałęsa – the leader of the Solidarity movement in the 1980s.

Following the film: Discussion with Cleveland Poles about the Solidarity movement


A Conversation with Michał Trębacz, PhD

Polish Studies at Cleveland State University presents:
A Conversation with Michał Trębacz, PhD
Current Polish Scholarship on Jews:
People, Places, Events
Thursday, October 22
During “Common Hour”
11:30 am-12:30 pm
Fenn Tower, Rm 10
Free and Open to all
Michał Trębacz, PhD., is a researcher in Poland at the center for Jewish Research, University of Łódź and the Institute of National Remembrance in Łódź.
Dr. Trebacz is part of growing number of Polish scholars focusing on Jews in Poland in the pre-war period, including their politics. He will give us perspective on the reasons for the special interest in Polish Jews and their recent findings about some of the leading personalities, including Szmul Zygielbojm and his relationship with Jan Karski. He will also discuss Poland’s current position on the Syrian refugees against the background of the Soviet period and earlier, giving us some perspectives on the present Polish leadership.
Find out more about Polish Studies at csuohio.edu/class/polish-studies

Cinema Polska

This course is a non-credit course that will begin Wednesday, October 14 and meet weekly on Wednesdays for 8 weeks (no class on November 25). It will be taught by Dr. Tomasz Markiewka, our 2015 CSU Visiting Scholar and Kosciusko Fellow. The course meets from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Polish American Cultural Center in Slavic Village. The fee is $125.

Cinema Polska will explore contemporary Polish cinema with a different film shown each week. There will be an introduction to the film by Dr. Markiewka (and special guests) and discussion will follow after the film. This course is a wonderful complement to the series of Polish films currently being shown at the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque.

To register: http://www.campusce.net/csuohio/course/course.aspx?C=620&pc=26&mc&sc

Polish Studies   

Announcing a new course!

Cinema Polska

Taught by Dr. Tomasz Markiewka, our 2015 CSU Visiting Polish Scholar and Kosciusko Fellow

8-Week Class || Beginning Wednesday, October 14, 6:00-9:00 pm
Classes meet at the Polish American Cultural Center in Slavic Village

This is a non-credit course that will meet weekly on Wednesdays for 8-weeks.  (No class on Wednesday, Nov. 25.)

The course will explore contemporary Polish cinema with a different film shown each week.  There will be an introduction to the film by Dr. Markiewka (and special guests) and discussion will follow after the film.

This course is a wonderful complement to the series of Polish films currently being shown at the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque.

There is a fee for this course.

Further details coming soon!

An International Symposium about Modern Polish Society

Polish-American Cultural Center

Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 6pm

Address: 6501 Lansing Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44105

This event will include presentations about modern Polish society and contemporary culture from a sociological and artistic point of view from Dr. Hanna Mamzer (Poznan University-UAM), Dr. Tomasz Markiewka (University of Bielsko-Biala /The Kosciuszko Foundation Fellow at CSU), and Sebastian Smolinski (film critic). A discussion and Q&A session will follow, led by Dr. Mamzer.

This event, all of which will be in English, is free and open to the public.

 The symposium is organized in collaboration with

Dr. Ed Horowitz, Director of the Polish Studies, Cleveland State University

Dr. Kathy Farkas, “Invisible Groups in Today’s Poland”, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, CWRU

and Gene Bak, Polish- American Cultural Center

Polska dzisiaj

Międzynarodowe Sympozjum na temat współczesnego społeczeństwa polskiego.
Odbędzie się w Polsko-Amerykańskim Centrum Kultury w Cleveland
w sobotę, 19 września, 2015. Początek o godz. 18-tej.
Adres Centrum: 6501 Lansing Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44105

Sympozjum organizowane jest wspólnie przez:
Dr. Ed Horowitz from “Polish Studies” of Cleveland State University
Dr. Kathy Farkas from “Invisible Groups in Today’s Poland” of Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
And Gene Bak of Polish-American Cultural Center

Idea tego spotkania powstała w wyniku współpracy Dr. Horowitza (CSU) i Dr. Farkas (MSASS) z grupą polonijną przy Centrum. Dr. Horowitz od lat organizuje przyjazdy artystów i intelektualistów z Polski do CSU w ramach studiów polskich. We współpracy z Dr. Piotrem Wilczkiem z Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego zaproponowali na najbliższy semestr wizytę Dr. Tomasza Markiewki i Sebastiana Smolińskiego w Cleveland. Dr. Kathleen Farkas z MSASS od czterech lat współpracuje z wydziałem socjologii Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego (UAM). W tym czasie gościła w MSASS dwójkę studentów i profesora socjologii UAM Dr. Jakuba Isańskiego. W tym roku zaprosiła Dr Hannę Mamzer z UAM na wizytę w Cleveland. Centrum i Polonia w Cleveland wspiera te kontakty i międzynarodową współpracę. Spotkanie 19 września będzie okazją zaprezentowania społeczeństwu Cleveland trójki wybitnych przedstawicieli kultury i nauki współczesnej Polski. Poniżej krótkie opisy zainteresowań naszych gości.

Hanna Mamzer
doktor habilitowany w Zakładzie Socjologii Kultury i Cywilizacji Współczesnej. Zajmuje się zagadnieniami związanymi z przemianami współczesnej kultury. Autorka wielu publikacji poświeconych tej tematyce. Stypendystka Fundacji Fulbrighta, Central European University, British Council, Programu Socrates Erasmus, European University Institute we Florencji, Fundacji im. Stefana Batorego, laureatka akcji stypendialnej Polityki, licznych nagród i wyróżnień. Prowadzi szeroko zakrojoną współpracę międzynarodową.
Dr Mamzer pełni funkcje formalne i społeczne jest przewodniczącą Interdyscyplinarnego Zespołu ds. Wspomagania Współpracy z Zagranicą, operującym przy Ministerstwie Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego. Jako koordynator projektów prowadziła trzy granty na badania z programu Akademicki Poznań- dwa granty poświecone badaniu poziomu zaufania Poznaniaków w stosunku do obcokrajowców.

Tomasz Markiewka
literaturoznawca, absolwent Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego oraz Uniwersytetu Śląskiego w Katowicach, na którym uzyskał doktorat w 2002 roku. Zajmuje się polską literaturą współczesną, w szczególności powieściopisarstwem historycznym Teodora Parnickiego, ponadto specjalizuje się w teorii literatury, teorii przekładu oraz komparatystyce literackiej. Od 2007 jest wykładowcą Akademii Techniczno-Humanistycznej w Bielsku-Białej, gdzie prowadzi zajęcia na polonistyce i anglistyce. Opracował Dzienniki z lat osiemdziesiątych Teodora Parnickiego (Wydawnictwo Literackie 2008), zaś w 2015 roku ukaże się opracowane przez niego pierwsze książkowe wydanie lwowskiego debiutu literackiego Parnickiego z 1929 roku – powieść Trzy minuty po trzeciej (Noir Sur Blanc). Prywatnie wielki miłośnik Śląska, dobrej muzyki i jazdy na rowerze.
W 2015 roku, jako stypendysta Fundacji Kościuszkowskiej, prowadzi zajęcia z historii Polski oraz filmu polskiego w ramach Studiów Polskich na CSU.

Sebastian Smoliński
student amerykanistyki i kulturoznawstwa w ramach Kolegium MISH UW, pasjonat historii kina, krytyk filmowy i operowy. Publikuje w „Tygodniku Powszechnym”, “Dwutygodniku” i „Kinie”. Współpracuje z „Kulturą Liberalną” i festiwalem Dwa Brzegi. Moderator spotkań i konferencji prasowych na Festiwalu Filmowym w Gdyni. Laureat III miejsca w Konkursie o Nagrodę im. Krzysztofa Mętraka dla młodych krytyków filmowych w 2015 roku.
W 2011/2012 roku Teaching Assistant na Cleveland State University przy kursie “Polish Culture Through Film” prof. Piotra Wilczka. Przez rok prowadził i programował klub filmowy na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim (Mishowa Komisja Filmowa przy Kolegium MISH). We wrześniu w Hiszpanii ukaże się monografia Krzysztofa Kieślowskiego “La doble vida de Krzysztof Kieślowski” pod redakcją Joanny Bardzińskiej, na potrzeby której napisał esej o wpływie reżysera na polskie i światowe kino współczesne (premiera książki odbędzie się na festiwalu w San Sebastian).
Lubi jazz, muzykę poważną i współczesną. W wolnych chwilach gotuje, uprawia sport oraz poznaje nocne życie Warszawy.

Polish Studies at CSU. 2015 Fall Semester

New Course Calling All Students

New Course Just Added!!

MLA 255 Western European Film (3 credits)

Taught by Dr. Tomasz Markiewka
2015 CSU Visiting Polish Scholar and Kosciuszko Fellow

Tuesdays and Thursdays
12:30 – 1:45 pm
Fenn Tower, Room 10

Fulfills a General Education Requirement in “Arts and Humanities”!

This course will analyze and discuss recent European movies—with an emphasis on Polish films—to understand national identity and culture.

For more information, please contact Dr. Edward Horowitz, Director of Polish Studies, at: e.horowitz@csuohio.edu
or 216-687-4511.

“Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema” Part II

The schedule:

THU 9/17 8:15 PM JUMP
TUE 9/29 7:00 PM BLACK CROSS shown at the Capitol Theatre
TUE 10/6 7:00 PM THE SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT shown at the Capitol Theatre
SUN 10/11 6:30 PM PHARAOH

Unless noted below, admission to Cinematheque films is $9; members, CIA I.D. holders, and those age 25 & under $7. A second film on the same day generally costs an additional $7. Currently all tickets are sold only at the door, cash/check only. Free parking for available in two Cleveland Institute of Art lots accessed from E. 117th Street: Lot 73 and the Annex Lot. Moviegoers should enter the building thorough entrances C or D (both face E. 117th St.) or entrance E (which faces E. 116th St.).

“Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema” Part I

The Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque will show 50 films during September and October, including 18 restored classics in a series entitled “Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema.” Forty-seven of the films will show in the Cinematheque’s new, state-of-the-art Peter B. Lewis Theater inside the new Cleveland Institute of Art building at 11610 Euclid Avenue. The other three will be offsite Cinematheque screenings showing at the Capitol Theater at W. 65th and Detroit.

The films will be a mix of new international films, film classics (most in new digital restorations) and worthy second-run films. The Cinematheque has presented the same mix of the old and the new throughout its 30-year history. As always, every movie shown will be a Cleveland exclusive at the time of its showing, and formats will include both digital and film.

The series “Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema” will run from September 13 through October 25. It consists of 18 Polish film classics from the 1950s through the 1980s that Scorsese hand-picked to circulate throughout North America as part of this overview. Scorsese says: “These are films that have great emotional and visual power. They are serious films that, with their depth, stand up to repeated viewings. The themes in these films will resonate, as they did profoundly for me…There are many revelations in the ‘Masterpieces of Polish Cinema’ series, and whether you’re familiar with some of these films or not, it’s really an incredible opportunity to discover for yourself the great power of Polish cinema, on the big screen in brilliantly restored digital masters.”

The retrospective includes WWII dramas, historical epics, love stories, a cult fantasy, modern social dramas, contemporary moral inquiries, and a couple of comedies. The directors represented comprise a who’s who of Polish cinema, one of the world’s great film traditions. All filmmakers are represented with major works, and some especially significant auteurs (Andrzej Wajda, Jerzy Kawalerowicz, Krzysztof Zanussi) have multiple movies in the series, creating mini retrospectives within the larger exhibition. Two of the Polish films will show at the Capitol Theatre.

Polish Studies at Cleveland State University

Masterpieces of Polish Literature

Spring Semester 2015 Continuing EducationPolish Literature Course

Beginning 4/15/15 – Ending 5/13/15
Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm
Off-Campus, Shrine Church of St. Stanislaus, 3649 East 65th St, Cleveland, OH

Cost: $25.00
Instructor: Tomasz Markiewka, Ph.D.

Dr. Markiewka is the 2015 Cleveland State University Visiting Polish Scholar and Kosciuszko Fellow

Throughout the centuries, the literature of Poland has reflected the historical ups and downs of the country, as well as Polish spirituality and sensitivity. With four Nobel Prize winners, it can boast international recognition and offers a unique insight into the Polish soul. This course will highlight the masterpieces of Polish literature and present them in their fascinating cultural and historical contexts.

The course will meet for 5 classes, weekly on Wednesday evenings. The final class meeting is Wednesday, May 13. 

Registration: You can register for this course in-person at the first day of class (credit card only—no cash please) or online atwww.campusce.net/csuohio/category/category.aspx
(Follow the link for “Modern Languages” on the far left column, and then click on “Foreign Languages and Culture.”)

Questions? Please contact Dr. Markiewka at tomasz.markiewka@gmail.com or Dr. Edward Horowitz, Director of CSU Polish Studies at e.horowitz@csuohio.edu.

Central European Arts and Culture: 25 Years after Communism

This event is FREE!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 || 5:00-7:00 pm
CSU Student Center, Rooms 313/315


  • Tomasz Markiewka, Ph.D., the 2015 Cleveland State University Visiting Polish Scholar and Kosciuszko Fellow
  • Rita Gardosi, Visiting Hungarian Scholar
  • Luka Zibelnik, Slovenian Studies Lecturer

Since the tearing down of the Iron Curtain and the fall of Communism in Central Europe, the arts and culture of Central Europe have grown and thrived. Join three Cleveland State scholars as we discuss these dramatic changes.

Sponsored by Polish Studies, the History Department, and Modern Languages.

Polish Film Festival

This event is FREE!

Friday, April 24, 2015 || 1:00-6:00 pm
CSU Main Classroom, Room 136
Saturday, April 25, 2015 || 1:00-6:00 pm
CSU Main Classroom, Room 134

Join Tomasz Markiewka as we watch classic and contemporary Polish films. Dr. Markiewka will provide a short introduction to each film and there will be discussion following. Refreshments will be served.