On June 7th and 8th the people of Poland voted to join the European Union.  The Polish press announcing the results, proclaimed “  We are now citizens of the Republic and of Europe!  The real winners of this election are the Polish people and our nation.”  President Kwasniewski in his speech after the announcement of the referendum’s results declared:  “…Today, we can say with one voice, we have returned!  Our country and our people have come back to the great European family.  We return to the place we belong, not only because of a thousand years of history, but also because of the bravery and the struggle of our people in the face of incredible challenges presented to us over the past few years that changed the face of our nation and indeed the face of this continent.”
In his remarks, President Kwasniewski expressed gratitude to the Holy Father – “…a man who nurtured this dream and goal for many years”. The President said “John Paul II, our great countryman, was always with us seeing us through.”
We sincerely wish Poland and all Poles success in taking their rightful place among the nations of Europe, a place Poland richly deserves because of its history and its many contributions to the culture of Europe.

Stanisław Kwiatkowski
Translated by Zofia Wisniewski

Forum, 6/2003