Polish American Cultural Center honoring Pope John Paul II Plans for the Future

We have already achieved a good measure of success in a relatively short time, but we do not intend to rest on our laurels. We have set goals for the future that are very ambitious but well thought out and planned.

Here is a summary of our plans:

— The Center is cooperating with Pulaski Franciscan Development Corporation under the direction of Father Michael Surufka and the patronage of Bishop Pilla to rejuvenate the Warszawa District in Slavic Village. Specifically, we refer to 65 th Street from St. Stanislaus Church to Lansing Avenue, where our Center is located.

— We have organized “Panel Discussions” composed of experts who will discuss topics in various fields such as tax issues, legal matters, medical issues, investment strategies etc. The first panel has already taken place. The subsequent panels will be held the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Center.

— We are planning to bring a number of speakers to the Center. In January we hosted Professor Marek Chodakiewicz of the University of Virginia. The topic of his presentation was “Poland and the European Union”. On Friday March 28, 2003 Professor Witold Lukaszewski will present a lecture titled “Forgotten Odyssey” dealing with the experiences of Polish citizens in World War II under the German and Soviet occupations.

— Our plans for creating a Polish museum are taking shape. We are in the process of purchasing the building next door to the Center to house the museum. We have individuals willing to donate the funds to purchase the building. One of those individuals has expressed an interest to match any funds collected by the Center for the museum. In other words, a dollar donated by anyone will result in two dollars for the museum. A very generous offer indeed. We have an advisory board composed of Polish experts who will advise us on the matters of the museum.

— The Center will continue to work together with the Polish Women’s Alliance of America and Polish schools to provide the opportunity for the young generation to learn the Polish language, culture and traditions.

— The Center will provide assistance to the Opera Circle under the direction of Sobieskis. Sobieskis, through their unselfish dedication to music, provide Polonia and the people of Cleveland an opportunity to hear a high quality opera at affordable prices.

— Our FORUM has become a successful publication thanks to a dedicated group of writers and editors. We will continue to work on improving it to make it even better.

— The Sunday lunches have gained a popularity for high quality and an opportunity for Polonia to get together for a good meal and camaraderie. We will continue to provide this service.

— The Center is a hub of many activities. We encourage you to join the Center and get involved. All help is welcome and greatly appreciated. Remember every building is build of small components.

Forum, 3/2003