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A Double Success of Composer & Performer Alike: La Straniera of Opera Circle

Monday, December 1st, 2003

I shall refer to antiquity, as many a writer thus open their thoughts. In the 4th century B.C., Aristotle reflected on the capacity of music to soothe the senses, & certain forms thereof to cleanse the soul. He could not have possibly known the musical output of Bellini, since the latter lived in the 19th century. I suspect, however, the Greek philosopher had in mind precisely the sort of music Vincenzo left behind—full of endless beauty, faithful to the texts, rich in melodic lyricism, introduced to the ear gently, without disturbance.

Vincenzo Bellini, beloved composer of Dorota Sobieska & Jacek Sobieski, has for the fifth time appeared in the repertoire of Opera Circle. From premiere to premiere he grows more and more beautiful. Norma, glorious and musically exquisite, was succeeded by La Straniera, equally beautiful, perhaps more accessible, as if ornamented by motives of folklore, compositionally simple but incredibly effective. The three performances of La Straniera proved a grand success of Opera Circle. In particular, that of November 20, 2003, at Grace Lutheran Church, will make its mark in history. Nothing short of a revolution, the response of a full house was far beyond enthusiastic, better characterized by excruciatingly lengthy ovations and yelling: “Bravo! bravo!”