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It’s enough to “decode” Dan Brown’s fiction…

Saturday, July 8th, 2006

The creation of Dan Brown, Da Vinci Code has experienced large commercial success, gaining a spot on modern literature lists in a world hungry for cheap thrills. Through the use of tested and proven literary tactics, skillfully enclosed in a story line, the writer makes money. The measures of Brown’s success are the millions of copies sold to readers who only understand the questions raised by the text at the surface. Without the historical knowledge, nor theological know how, the reader freely absorbs Hollywood’s approach to explaining the aspects of our existence. It is so predictable and always bought into, as long as the plot is full of mystery and conspiracy, at the same time not lacking in explosions and passionate love. These stories are a quick read, which is an accomplishment in today’s times, and where skillfully created intrigue pulls the reader from the beginning into the middle of an extensive plot in conflict with historical facts. The phenomenon is based on the moment when the reader, guided by the author, stops raising the necessary questions and no longer tries to counteract the absorbed ideas with historical facts.