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Study in Poland!

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

Are you an American or a resident of another country who wishes to study in Poland? Though you may not be a Polish citizen, and you may not have a command of Polish, you have many opportunities to pursue advanced study in Poland. As the world becomes a smaller place, trends in international education mean that Polish institutions are quickly developing academic programs in which the language of instruction is English, in an effort to attract students from countries of the European Union and elsewhere. Polish universities and colleges, both public and private, already offer a range of degrees in such diverse fields as business, medicine, international relations, history, and agricultural sciences. These programs are located in some of Poland’s largest cities, such as Warsaw, Łódź, and Kraków, but also in smaller cities like Zielona Góra and Nowy Sącz. Whether family considerations or academic concerns determine your location, plenty of opportunities exist throughout Poland for foreigners who want to continue their education in Poland in English. (more…)