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Replacing the Face?

Saturday, October 1st, 2005

When plastic surgery comes to mind, people normally think of some minor improvements in the overall appearance. We recognize that the surgeon can improve the shape of our nose, and make our face look better.  However, in more serious situations when the face has been badly deformed as a result of illness or accident, the plastic surgery quickly reaches its limits.  Apparently, the skin that covers our face differs from the skin that covers other parts of our body. The skin on our face is much more elastic, it lends itself to all sorts of stretches by all sorts of facial muscles that are responsible for very diverse functions such as eating, talking, and eye blinking, or mimicking to express emotions.  Transplants of skin from other parts of the body may result in immovability or twitch of that part of the face. With respect to the eye or mouth areas such impediment poses not only an esthetic problem, but also a health hazard.  Thus, a question arises whether skin from another person’s face can be transplanted? (more…)