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Mongolian Archives

Tuesday, April 1st, 2003

I received a letter from Henryk Lapczynski, along with the following article, “Mongolian Archives”. The letter is an interesting supplement to the article and appears here with minor changes with the permission of the author.

Stanisław Kwiatkowski

Dear Stanisław,

I have enclosed a text about the Mongolian Archives. I have written only a brief account, although there is much more to write about.
It is possible, that if this subject interest readers, I will write more on this interesting topic. One of the possible questions a reader may have is: why didn’t I publish this earlier? As the youngest officer involved, I did not feel authorized to do so. I remember that after a lecture in Murnau (POW camp- eds.) the issue was not generally discussed. At this time, such knowledge was still not discussed openly.