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Murals on the walls of Polish – American Cultural Center and their creators

Friday, October 1st, 2004

Today I have an interview with creative people–artists. I really enjoy writing about art, therefore it is my great pleasure to focus on two local gentlemen and their creations. They are Mr. Hubert Wisniewski,  Interior designer and Arthur Berg graduate of the Virginia Marti College of Art.

Interior design, has its fashionable trends and styles as any other art form.  In general, the predominant  media  have been : oils , acrylics, watercolors, etc.  Gaining in popularity once again, is the very old technique of painting directly on walls of homes, offices, or elegant banquet halls, as for example, the one found in the Polish-American Cultural Center.  The architectural landscapes we see depicted within are the Cathedral of Gniezno ( a view from a current photo)  Palace Square in Warsaw (a view based on a painting by Canaletto) and the Krakow Marketplace or Main Square, ( a current view). These three murals represent the three historic capitals of Poland:  Gniezno, Krakow and Warsaw.   These murals are the works of the two artists I have mentioned.  Without much further ado, I would like to  introduce these gentlemen to my readers.