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Success – her own way

Sunday, May 1st, 2005

We live in such civilized times that driving a car, paying with a credit card, or receiving a computerized exam in a modern hospital are normal. We do not consider how we would function if these “luxuries” were suddenly unavailable. Our busy lifestyles, that we are so use to, do not allow us to undertake such reflections. We never face dangers or struggles that are above our means. We live utilizing all available resources in life, and complain when they are in shortage. But somewhere far away, in what seems like a different dimension, like in a book about a wild tribe, are people who also need to survive. There people live an existence that differs greatly from ours. People, who like us, need food, clothing, and medicine. On occasion, someone discovers this different world that we only know from publications and television. The two worlds collide, first with shock, then with acceptance after seeing how much they are in need. (more…)