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The Contents of Two Articles

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Two articles about Polonia appeared in the press in the first week of September. One was in the Plain Dealer by Anna Cara, and the other in Polityka by Tomasz Zalewski. After reading each of them, I thought: okay, this makes sense. Later, though, I began to think that maybe something in these articles neglects the conditions of today’s Polonia.     

How does each author view Polonia today? Summarizing both texts, one can say that Polonia is aging and disappearing. It’s melting in a „multicultural pot”. Though Americans have long known that the country’s wealth lies in the ethnic diversity of its citizens, the process of the integration of most ethnic groups continues. Sociologists and other scholars now speak of changing the model from a „melting pot” to a „mosaic” or a salad bowl, in which color and definition are clear, but in which together the ingredients create something new. This is very nice, but it seems it’s a little too late. In twenty years, white ethnics in American society will already be in the minority. And other, certainly more multicultural, scholars will determine social standards. But this is still the future….