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History and Histories

Saturday, October 1st, 2005

To convince the world that Pope John Paul II had performed a miracle, a young man wrote to Rome saying that the only moment when he did not argue with his fiancée was when the Pope visited Poland. Nothing could convince the young man that there could be a greater miracle. His life and his love was, for him, everything.

When the Center made plans to open a museum, Poles from all over the Cleveland area started to send in their historical treasures. Paintings of Paderewski, of course, came in the greatest number, because every Polish child in America knows that he was the greatest Pole. But, besides patriotic symbols, among the donated objects were other memories: grandmother’s wedding dress, grandfather’s school book, and the toys parents brought over from Poland. Danuta Jarema tells with tears in her eyes how she spent hours going through the items and listening to the stories. (more…)