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Polish Minister CLE Visit and Trail of Hope Exhibit

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Polish Minister Anna Maria Anders Cleveland Visit

And the Trail of Hope Exhibit

Trail of Hope Exhibit

The Republic of Poland’s Secretary of State will visit Cleveland, Ohio to commemorate her father through the traveling Trail of Hope Exhibit and honor a local survivor who served under her father’s fabled Army.  Minister Anna Maria Anders is the daughter of Polish WWII General Wladyslaw Anders, whose Army’s epic journey across three continents is chronicled in Norman Davies best-selling book, The Trail of Hope. The Polish Government has created a mobile exhibit featuring 15 stations, and this exhibit will be on display at the Polish American Cultural Center in Cleveland’s Slavic Village from September 19 – 30.  A reception will be held at the Cultural Center on Saturday evening, September 22.

Cleveland is just the 2nd American city to host the Trail of Hope Exhibit, which was made possible from an invitation that a Cleveland author received to the Polish Embassy in May to commemorate Poland’s Constitution Day. Cuyahoga Community College Professor Andrew Bajda received an invitation after Poland’s Ambassador to the USA, Piotr Wilczek, learned of his book, Captured in Liberation. Bajda’s book colorfully describes his father’s quest to join Anders Army as a teen living in Poland during WWII, a journey which took him across the vast European continent, including capture and escape from a POW camp.  During the reception, Bajda and his father Marian were invited for a private meeting with the Ambassador. Upon learning more of the story and its impact on the local Polish community, Wilczek phoned Minister Anders to connect her with Bajda and plant the seed for the Trail of Hope Exhibit’s Cleveland appearance.

Cleveland Itinerary for Minister Anders

Saturday, September 22:

2:00 PM – Event with Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

7:00 PM -  An evening reception (125 seating) at the Polish American Cultural Center in Cleveland’s Slavic Village.  The reception will honor the Anders Army and local surviving members of the Second Corps.  Congresswoman Kaptur will join us, but this will be promoted as a celebration, not a political event. Adjoining the Reception Hall is a local Polish museum that will display the Trail of Hope exhibit from September 19 – September 30.

Sunday, September 23:

10 AM – Polish Mass at the Shrine Church of St. Stanislaus in Cleveland’s Slavic Village. I believe this to be Cleveland’s most beautiful church and was visited by Pope John Paul II when he came to Cleveland.

Noon –  Lunch at the Polish American Cultural Center in Cleveland’s Slavic Village.





Independence Day

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

On November 11, 1918, representatives of the German government signed an agreement marking the end of the First World War in Compiĕgne, northeast of Paris. The Habsburg empire had already fallen, and Russia was in the throes of revolution. For Poles, this was a chance to regain the political state that had been lost. Seeing the defeat of the partitioning powers, Poles began to create the framework of their future state. (more…)


Wednesday, May 1st, 2002

The Polish Constitution of the 3rd of May 1791, while never actually instituted, remains nonetheless an object of great pride in the history or Poland. It is recognized as the second earliest document of its kind, created just a few years after the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Polish Constitution was created during one of the most tragic and traumatic moments in the country’s history. The Republic of Poland, after the first partition had become only a shadow of its former self as a sovereign state. The loss of huge territories to powerful neighbors, resulted in a crisis of escalating proportions. Parliament  was in a state of paralysis and the king’s rule had been rendered impotent as reflected in the weakness of  Poland’s military.