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How Warsaw’s Syrena is Dressed

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

The final voting for the Miss World pageant took place at the end of September this year. On September 30th in Warsaw, the title went to a Czech woman, with a representative from Romania chosen as first runner-up, and a representative from Australia chosen as second runner-up. Throughout all of September the young women, in the company of reporters, photographers, and the event’s organizers, visited Poland. Each year the demands on these young women increase. It’s no longer enough to be beautiful with a flawless figure and long legs; each contestant must also show intelligence and knowledge. Musical, vocal, and physical talents like dancing are also important qualities.

After arriving in Poland, before the final contest, the contestants for Miss World received a version of an English text of a Polish song, composed especially for the occasion. The best renditions of „Beautiful World” would be recorded on teledisk and make their way to other countries, but the words of the song would relate to Warsaw. In this way beauty would not only be seen but also heard.