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Young Polonia of Polish-American Cultural Center

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Łukasz Waszczuk represents the younger generation of Polonia on the Board of the Center. I met with him recently during a meeting of the Center’s sports club. Łukasz is also active in the sports group and during this meeting he reported about the club’s newest section, the ski club. Members of the group get a sixty per cent discount on their ski equipment. Because of the wide range of his activities, I asked Łukasz for an interview. I was interested in his thoughts about my recent article in the Forum on young Polonia. First he was a little angry, because they’re trying, so why write that nothing is being done for the younger generation? I quickly explained that of course the youth are trying, but that they don’t get sufficient help from us, their elders. With this, he had to agree. Of course, he mentioned our director who always helps young Polonia and he thanked him for the generally favorable attitude of the Center toward their efforts, but he has a similar opinion as mine about the theme of Polonia in Cleveland. I asked simply: What do you want Polonia to do for you?