The Letter from the Executive Director of PACC

Ladies and Gentlemen, Members and Friends of PACC! 

                  Due to the fact that the past year was different from the rest, I would like to start with heartfelt thanks to all who during these difficult times supported the Center through their membership as well as by additional funding.  I know that this was a difficult year for many, especially for individuals and families, who were directly affected by health and/or finances.  I hope the coming months will bring us the longed-for improvements.

         As usual, at this time of the year, we kindly remind you about renewing your membership at the Polish-American Cultural Center. This can be done via traditional mail or on the internet using PayPal or credit card,, Any questions can be directed to our new email address  or via Facebook.  Please do not send cash.

2020 was a challenge for too many, including our institution, but we were not idle.

Despite the contact restrictions at the beginning of the pandemic, our volunteers sprung to action by sewing face masks that were donated to nursing homes and hospitals.  We also renewed Sundays’ lunches, with a new theme: The Polish Plate, showcasing traditional Polish dishes, that were met with great interest. Our supporting activities through the internet and Facebook had a positive effect, bringing new individuals to visit and learn about the Center. Our goal is to make virtual visits and participation possible for those who cannot attend in person.

         The publication of monthly Forum, continuing in a paper and an online format, provides the readers with interesting articles authored by Polonia writers and is a source of information about Polonia related activities. The electronic format may be viewed at

         Our garden, besides its esthetic and historical role, assumed a function as a gathering place. The Polish-American Day took place there and yoga sessions program started there, but later moved inside, as the seasons changed. It is growing in popularity and it is a source of few available and needed activities during the pandemic. Centrum comes alive on Saturdays at 9:00 am during the pandemic time, precisely because there are yoga classes.

          On November 11, 2020, the anniversary of the Polish Independence Day celebration, we unveiled a symbolic sculpture. It to be located in the garden. This last bronze by sculptor Andrzej Pitynski [who passed last year] portrays two eagles in flight as two friendly nations joined together while reflecting on the welcoming of Polish immigrants who after years of wandering around the world found a new home with a Polish soul on American soil. We are grateful to the individuals who supported this project financially and otherwise.

          New visitors to our museum are pleasantly surprised by the quality of exhibits.  In the planning  stages is also an exhibit showcasing regional Polonia’s accomplishments.  In order to broaden its exposure to a wider audience, we are planning virtual access to the museum via internet, using the latest technology.

          The annual membership meeting will not take place in March for the obvious reason. It is moved to September 2021. Details will be available later in the Forum, on Facebook and Web.

         Our goal for the future, first and foremost, is to continue the activities of the Centrum. We envision the Center as a venue for cultural events and a home to variety of clubs and organizations. We are planning to expand our approach by offering Polonia new kinds of activities, particularly addressing the younger generation, while inviting collaboration with all Polonia groups.

          Our financial status is stable thanks to your support. Last year, thanks to donations funds directed toward specific projects were able to accomplish much.  We modernized women’s bathrooms, repaired the exterior wall, replaced damaged awnings over the windows, giving the building bright fresh appearance.  Our heartfelt thanks go to all individuals who donated.

          We are also thanking all volunteers for their time, engagement, and work, without which the Center could not function, and invite others to come join us with your ideas and determination, working together on behalf of Polonia. History will thank you…                           


Darek Wojno

Executive Director of PACC